Senior Data Scientist
Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Salary: $6000 per month
Job Type : Full Time
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Job description

An ambitious San Fransisco based startup looking for a Senior Data Scientist to scale the team. Our primary focus is to map, model, and manage business processes by creating digital copies of human or digital interactions using cognitive technologies.

Tech Stack:
  • python
  • pandas
  • pyspark
  • sklearn
  • tensorflow
  • keras
Main tasks:
Develop event clustering algorithms implementing them in the form of spark tasks


Competitive salary
Flexible hours (perks of remote!)
Support and Coaching
Generous PTO policy

Job Responsibilities:

Participate and lead, multifaceted analytic studies on large volumes of data
Work with the Principal data scientist and participate in all the data experiments tasked by the DataScience Team.
Coordinate research and analytic activities utilizing various data points
(unstructured and structured) and employ programming to clean, massage, and organize the data.
Experiment against data points, provide insights based on experiment results and provide previously undiscovered solutions to command data challenges using a multitude of techniques (e.g., exploratory mathematic and statistical techniques to NLP, vision, process mining, etc.)

Job Requirements:

Master's or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Process Mining, Statistics, Applied Math, Operational research, AI, or related field
Overall 5+ years of experience. 3+ years' practical experience with data processing and analytics
Experience and Understanding of Data quality, Features, Aspects of ML Models, ML pipeline/infrastructure.
Able to understand various data structures and common methods in data

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