Senior iOS Engineer
Industries: Fintech
Salary: €3500-5000 per month
Job Type: Full Time
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Job description

A Europe-based global platform for finance performance management is in search for talented iOS developers.

We create software that serves ambitious finance teams, helping them empower their organizations, gain valuable insights, and drive business performance. Thousands of finance leaders across nearly one hundred countries use our solutions today.

Technologies we use:
  • Swift and Objective-C
  • UIKit, CoreAnimation, and CoreData
  • Unit tests, snapshot tests, integration tests
  • Service APIs and Protocol Buffers
  • Bazel for our build environments


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible hours (perks of remote!)
  • Support and Coaching
  • Generous PTO policy

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and write clean, scalable, production code
  • Develop automatic tests (such as unit and integration tests)

  • Refactor code for improved performance, stability, and scalability

  • Build high availability and resilient systems which can accept and report payments no matter the network or device conditions
  • Work closely with product managers and designers to iterate on and define product scope and design

Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years experience developing and shipping iOS applications using Swift and/or Objective-C
  • Demonstrated, first hand experience building products at scale
  • Proficient in Swift concepts (structs, optionals, generics etc.)
  • Familiar with popular architecture patterns such as MVVM / Clean and their uses
  • An appreciation for the connection between the software you build and the experience it delivers to customers
  • A passion for product development and seeing results

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