Senior Mobile Engineer
Industry: Advertising/Marketing
Salary: $5000 per month
Job Type : Full Time
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Job description

An ambitious San Fransisco based startup looking for a senior mobile engineer to scale the team and build a new iOS application.

Our primary focus is to advance the creator’s journey with actionable data-driven insights. We have already helped millions of YouTube creators take their channels to the next level — grow their views and subscribers.

Why Join Us?
Our work is exciting as we are transforming the creator analytics space. This has provided many of us to work on new and exciting projects. Equally, we’ve set our people up for success by giving them professional development opportunities like courses or conferences that will help them acquire desirable skills/experience.

Our company has met the future of work head-on, with a fully remote company that provides you with flexible hours to balance work & life schedule for you. When it’s time to go on vacation, we have an unlimited vacation policy so you can recharge.

Tech Stack (choose applicable):
  • Swift
  • React-Native
  • Flutter
We are not worried about the particular tool you will use — the only crucial concern is the result.

Main tasks:
Develop an iOS app from scratch (no legacy codebase!) according to the Figma design.


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible hours (perks of remote!)
  • Support and Coaching
  • Generous PTO policy

Job Responsibilities:

  • Designing well-crafted components that can be refactored easily to shift requirements as needed.
  • Leveling up the team by reviewing code and suggesting improvements.
  • Taking ownership of features and projects you create, from planning through execution.

  • Writing tests-oriented code that covers common user workflows to ensure stability across all of our clients.

Job Requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience developing apps for iOS

  • Keen eye on UI implementation

  • Experience with Swift / React Native / Flutter
  • A strong sense of ownership in work and willing to learn quickly

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