Senior .NET Developer
Industries: Fintech
Salary: $3500-5500 per month
Job Type: Full Time
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Job description

A US-based global platform for finance performance management is in search for talented .NET developers.

We create software that serves ambitious finance teams, helping them empower their organizations, gain valuable insights, and drive business performance. Our clients significantly improve profitability and minimize risks. That's why thousands of finance leaders across nearly one hundred countries use our solutions today.

Teck Stack:
  • Microsoft technologies: C# .NET/Core, SQL Server, Entity Framework
  • AWS services: Lambda, SQS, RDS/Aurora, S3, Lex, and Polly
  • RDBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and ANSI SQL


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible hours (perks of remote!)
  • Support and Coaching
  • Generous PTO policy

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and write clean, scalable, production code
  • Develop automatic tests (such as unit and integration tests)

  • Refactor code for improved performance, stability, and scalability

  • Communicate clearly and effectively (orally and in writing) with both technical and nontechnical stakeholders

Job Requirements:

  • 5+ years of professional software development experience

  • Deep expertise with microservices architectures and design patterns

  • Development of distributed applications with Microsoft technologies: C# .NET/Core, SQL Server, Entity Framework

  • Cloud Native AWS experience with services such as Lambda, SQS, RDS/Aurora, S3, Lex, and Polly
  • Proficient with debugging and profiling distributed systems
  • Mastery of both Windows and Linux environments and their use in the development and management of complex distributed systems architectures

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